5 Best Bird Feeders

Feeding wild birds can be an incredibly satisfying experience. On top of adding color and beauty to your garden, it can also be very beneficial. Birds will kill many of the insects that can potentially attack your crops. To bring wild species to your yard, it’s important to choose the right bird feeder.

High quality bird feeders have a few characteristics in common. Here are a couple of great possibilities to choose among – these come with the best price to quality ratio.

Onyx Nyjer Sunflower Tube Bird Feeder

All birds love sunflowers, which is why the feeder is such a versatile pick. Onyx Nyjer is big, which means that new seeds have to be added infrequently. It can hold up to three pounds of seeds and the base is easy to twist off for cleaning and maintenance.

A couple of perches are installed on the sides, allowing several birds to enjoy the delicious seeds at the same time.

Several other cool characteristics that Onyx Nyjer has include port configuration that ensures the constant flow of seeds, a locking mechanism, a couple of landing areas suitable for different species, an open interior and a big diameter of four inches.

Brome 1024 Squirrel Buster Plus

As the name indicates, the bird feeder has features that prevent squirrels from easily accessing the goodies inside. Brome 1024 is another relatively big feeder that can hold up to three quarts of bird seeds.

The weight of the squirrels is actually used against it. Since it’s heavier than a bird, the opening that gives access to the seeds will be closed off. The weight limitation is adjustable, making it easier to decide what types of birds will be granted access to the food.

Brome 1024 is best suited for the needs of clinging birds. It measures six by six by 23 inches and is made of dishwasher-safe materials for easier cleaning. In addition, the feeder has a chew-proof design, an easy to use hanging mechanism, a design that can be dismantled for easier cleaning and UV-stabilized components.

Wild Bill’s 8-Station Squirrel Proof Feeder

An easy to hang on a pole mount feeder, Wild Bill’s 8-Station Squirrel Proof Feeder has a light shocking mechanism that doesn’t harm squirrels but discourages them from further attempting to access the food.

The feeder has a 14-pound capacity and it measures 18 inches in height and 15 inches in diameter.

A few other cool characteristics include eight stations for birds, ease of cleaning, operation with standard batteries, individual perches designed by ornithologists, an aluminum metal tray that catches any fallen seeds and drainage halls.

Woodlink Absolute II Bird Feeder

Woodlink Absolute II Bird Feeder has a design that’s slightly different from what the other entries in the list have to offer. Just like Brome 1024, it uses the weight of squirrels to close the openings and prevent them from reaching the seeds.

The feeder has a 12-pound capacity and adjustable weight settings. The two-sided design makes it possible for more birds to enjoy mixed seeds at the same time.

Woodlink Absolute II has a no-waste seed saver baffle, a metal top, spring-activated perches, a metal shield that covers the seeds and protect them from the elements, chew-resistant powder-coated components and a seed level indicator.

Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder 312C

This is another perch-design bird feeder that makes it easy for birds to access the seeds from many angles.

Perky Pet’s Bird Feeder has a beautiful copper finish and a transparent container that makes it easy to track the seed level. It’s a smaller variety that can hold up to two pounds of seeds. The sure-lock cap incorporated in the design keeps squirrels from accessing the seeds.

A slow seed dispenser, easy opening for more effective cleaning and small openings that prevent the waste of seeds are a few other cool features.

These are just some of the top, most versatile bird feeders on the market. Naturally, there are many other varieties to choose among. Many manufacturers create specialized products like feeders for hummingbirds or woodpeckers. If you need such an item, take some time to do research. Chances are that you’ll find at least one great feeder that corresponds to all of your requirements.

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