Adding a Window Bird Feeder to Your Home

Of all the bird feeders out there, window feeders happen to be the most attractive for some obvious reasons. They have a simplistic design enabling you to get up, close and personal with some of the most spectacular bird species.

Adding a window bird feeder to your home is a great idea but you need to keep a couple of specifics in mind. Here are some of the most important tips to stick to, if you’ve chosen this feeder variety.

Benefits of Window Bird Feeders

Window feeders have one major and very important advantage – they keep the birds safe.

Attracting birds to your garden is wonderful but there’s a problem. When flying around, birds can easily bump into the clear glass of the window. Such collisions can easily lead to broken bones and even death.

When a feeder is placed on the window, the bird will slow down and land there. Thus, the risk of flying at a high speed is minimal. People who are concerned about wild birds getting injured will usually stick to this type of feeder.

In addition, a window feeder removes the barrier between you and the birds. It makes the feeding a more personal process that you can thoroughly enjoy. Though the birds will need some time to gather the courage and approach the feeder, sooner or later they’ll be tempted by the delicious treats.

There are smart window feeder varieties that feature a one-way mirrored film. Thus, birds will see their own reflection instead of the inside of your house. You will not scare them if you observe the process.

Tips for Installing a Window Feeder

To install a window feeder and keep it in place, you’ll have to do two essentials – buy a quality feeder and clean your windows!

Clean windows are particularly important for the feeders that work with suction cups. A suction cup can’t stick to dirt or dust. Give the window that you’re about to install the feeder on a thorough scrubbing. This way, you’ll guarantee the suction and keep the feeder in place for a very long time.

The next tip is also easy to understand. Chances are that you’ve used at least a few products in your home that have suction cups. These aren’t created equal. A high quality window feeder will be much easier to place on the window and it will remain there (even if you plan to feed larger bird species).

There are a few other simple things you can to make the installation easier:

  • Suction cups are easier to place properly in warm weather. You may want to consider installing the feeder in the spring or the summer. If you insist on installing it during the winter, choose a warmer day.
  • Place a little bit of oil on the suction cups before placing them on the glass. This type of “seasoning” removes the air and increases the suction. Some people believe that wetting the cup is enough. The moisture, however, will evaporate in time. As a result, the feeder may fall off the window.
  • Press the suction cups in place every once in a while. Pushing the cup against the glass strengthens the suction.

Attracting Birds

Now that the window feeder is in place, it’s time to attract the birds.

If you’re just getting started with bird feeding, choose a product that features a mirrored film. As already mentioned, birds will see their own reflection instead of you.

It’s also very important to keep the feeder perfectly clean. Give it a thorough scrubbing every once in a while. Wash it each time you replace the seeds. Birds are drawn to shiny things. A feeder that’s covered in droppings and dirt isn’t going to do the trick.

The final thing to remember is that some birds are attracted to specific colors. Thus, think about the species that you want to attract and do your research. Red and pink are colors that attract hummingbirds. Goldfinches are drawn to yellow.Orange is a color that draws predominantly orioles. Finally, bluebirds and jays are drawn to blue. This is the main reason why different feeders can feature specific colorful elements.

This is it! choose a good feeder, choose the right window and enjoy. Sooner or later, you’ll see the colorful birds coming and having a lot of fun right outside your home.

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