Benefits of Bird Houses

According to National Geographic, our bird population is on the decline. The threats against common birds are some you would expect, and some you would not. While we know bird habitats are eliminated by human expansion, you would not expect domestic cats to be a part of the problem as well. Nor would you expect wind turbines or global warming. The threats are varied and concerning.

The best way to combat the changing landscape of bird decline is to help birds to sustain in their natural environment. We can protect their numbers by working with the eco-structure to create a harmonic balance between man, and animal. Bird houses are a beneficial way to assist birds to thrive. Mounting one or two or even more bird houses is easy, and birds are wonderful to watch and enjoy.

The Unspoken Advantages of the Bird House

Perhaps you have a bird house already sitting in your backyard. You might even ponder life with a cup of coffee while you sit quietly and admire the business of your backyard friends. Little did you know how important the bird house was to the birds and environment?

Providing a simple nesting place gives them a safe place to live, to keep their numbers strong. You have delivered them from predators and provided them warmth during the coldest months. You have given them a place to raise their young.

In return, birds will be your pest control, as many species of birds are insectivores, even taking on massive infestations gladly. Without their eating habits, this would cause an imbalance that could be devastating, even if only in your own yard.

The same can be said for weed control too. Birds like Sparrows, Blackbirds, Jays, or Finches are seed-eaters. They are fast to consume endless quantities of undesirable weed seedlings. Between insects and unwanted weeds, birds manage the landscape with natural behaviors.

Birds are also great pollinators. They carry on the natural landscape giving gardens and flower beds that extra boost. Think about all the benefits from birds who love fruit trees, and through them you can enjoy a bountiful harvest year after year.

Count on birds to provide an excellent show if you are planning on selling your home. Aside from cozy home smells like cookies, or cinnamon, most potential home buyers relish in seeing birds gracefully fluttering around a yard. A lovely bird house or two strategically placed offers a solace many people are seeking in their lives.

As mentioned, by offering a bird house you have provided a perfect nesting environment for incubation. This helps to preserve the species which might otherwise not be able to maintain their balance in nature. Also consider the benefits of adding a bird feeder and a heated bird bath for non-migrating birds that use up all their energy in cold months to find food and water.

Bird houses are excellent for observation, fact gathering, and learning. This aids science to gain a stronger understanding of how people and wildlife can successfully live together. Birds, whether pecking away at seed, fluttering their wings against water or simply singing provide us harmony. Children have an amazing curiosity towards learning, so birds provide an excellent platform to teach younger generations about conservation and protection of wildlife and environment.

Children can also benefit from building their own bird house as a family activity. The entire process is an exciting and fun project which inspires creativity and pride. Many families have forgotten the value of this engaging moment in a young life, often not finding the time to sit together and just do a simple project. Building a bird house is a warm memory for childhood.

The sound of a bird in the morning is our alert to harmony and natural process. The calling amongst birds reminds of us life being calm, balanced and pleasurable. Without birds, we could not derive the enjoyment they provide on so many levels. Birds simply touch all of our senses and remind us to enjoy the day. In return, we build them another bird house, and invite them to stay awhile.

Hang a bird house, build a bird house, add a feeder or bird bath and get satisfaction in knowing you have created a beneficial two way relationship between you and birds. You are also helping to maintain the balance of nature within the environment. Without even realizing it, just because you happened to enjoy birds, you have contributed to the continuation of their species. Sometimes, it is the little things which make the biggest difference.

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