The Top 3 Wooden Bird Houses

Many bird enthusiasts purchase a bird house at a local discount store and later find out that it does not attract any birds. Wild bird watchers are often tempted to select a bird house based upon its decorative appearance. They want it to serve as a garden accent that happens to attract birds. Many times, however, these bird houses lack the specifications and features birds require for nesting.

Careful consideration of the following specifications can make the difference between an unused garden accent and a backyard full of song.

  • Sizing
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Proper Drainage
  • Safety
  • Mounting and Access

In case you are still worried you might still select the wrong type of bird house for your menagerie of wild birds, we have done some of the homework for you in researching the top 3 wooden bird houses. All you have to do is figure out where to place it in your yard.

Audubon Coppertop Cedar Wood Bluebird House Model NACOPBB

Audubon is a favorite bird house due to the details in this simple basic box design. Any product Audubon puts out is always field tested, then approved by the National Audubon Society. This cedar wood bird house is hand-crafted and features a Coppertop roof. Built to Audubon specifications, there is a 1-9/16" hole and comes with a fitted predator guard. Audubon also includes an education label and insert sheet to help you attract bluebirds or other desired nesting birds to your backyard. Be sure to mount the nest box at least 4 feet to 5 feet high using an Audubon pole, baffled wood post or tree.

Perky-Pet 50301 Wren Home Cedar Birdhouse

If you are trying to attract the small little Wrens, this basic cedar bird house features a Dutch Style roof, a hanging rope and is 6.5 tall with a 2 inch entrance. The aromatic cedar is weather resistant and known to repel insects. This bird house is simple but extremely durable and able to handle rough weather conditions. Perky-Pet makes their bird houses from non-endangered timber.

WildBird Care Pull-Out Cedar Bird House BCH1A, Natural Color

Another company which puts much thought into their bird houses is Wildbird. The BCH1A cedar bird house has six ventilation air holes, and a pull out slat. The entrance hole is 1 inch, small enough for the small wrens, but too big for a squirrel invasion. Instead of having to add the ventilation yourself, they thought of every detail to prevent the bird house from acquiring bacteria or mildew. The slat on the bottom pulls out for cleaning, which is recommended every two weeks.

If you are new to birding, and want to learn more about the birds who frequent your back yard and what kind of habitat they require to stay around, then pick up one of the very best birding books around called National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America (National Geographic Backyard Guides).

Whether you get lost in the amazing illustrations or intense photographs, you will find a treasure of information regarding backyard birds. This guide list nesting habitats, preferred foods, identification codes, and seasonal range maps. It is chocked full of intriguing information, like how to identify, take care of and approach your feathered friends.

This is a valuable field guide and tool using brilliant illustrations and fascinating nuggets of facts, that anybody can use it and become a bird enthusiast. Perhaps this is the year for a new hobby. All it requires is, well…you.

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