Unique Bird House Kits to Build

Birdhouses are needed more than ever due to heavier populations of people, such as suburban areas. There are many reasons to spend a quiet weekend building a nesting place for feathered friends.

Why Build a Bird house?

Bird houses can be used as scientific observation tools by observing the behaviors of birds. Children and adults can learn a great deal by watching them in their natural habitats.

Conservation plays a great role in building a bird house. By doing so, you are essentially providing a critical nest sites. There is a shortage in nest sites from increased competition by non-native birds, plus a gigantic decrease in natural habitat by building and construction.

Building bird houses seems to be a hobby of yesteryear, and was considered a favorite constructive pastime. Somewhere through technology and retail, it became easier just to purchase one. Yet, unique bird house kits to build are plentiful. This is an easy and inexpensive venture to do, and the end result benefits the environment.

Buying a Bird House Kit

While there are more than 70 species of birds which take to nesting in bird houses, or the variation in nesting platforms, there is not just one type of bird house which would be suited to all. Bird species have different behavioral needs; picking out which bird house kit to build largely depends on what kind of birds exist your yard already. The bird house is determined by the required habitat. Sometimes, even a mixture of blended habitats will attract a wide variety of birds.

Building a bird house should be a fun, creative process, so when choosing a kit always consider the skill level to keep the project flowing. When shopping for a kit, look for ones which include thicker pieces of wood and size of the entrance hole. Predators are more likely to take advantage of a nesting site with too large of entrance.

There are some unique kits available which can be constructed in little time. These are great activities to include kids in on, while teaching them all about birds. Our favorite bird house kits:

ALEX Toys Craft Home Tweet Home Birdhouse Kit

This is a fun project, and right away will have the kids wanting to get involved. When selecting a bird house kit, be sure it will be a functional one; many kits are confused with crafts and offer no further purpose than the construction.

This sweet bird house kit is big enough to hold two birds. One of the prominent features is a real thatched roof. Included in the kit is a colorful 6 weatherproof paint set, brushes and easy to follow instructions.

Once completed the birdhouse measures 7 inches wide by 6 inches in diameter. Get ready to attract beautiful songbirds with this great birdhouse kit.

Songbird Essentials DIY Build a Birdhouse Bluebird Kit

As soon as you open up the box, the woodsy scent of the cedar empties into the air. While it might seem like a plain box, this is the preferred nesting bird house for many species of birds, especially bluebirds.

The roof can be lifted to clean and even better, to see inside. There is a built-in stairway for the new little birds to climb and get ready for their first flight. The entrance hole is a perfect size at 1 ½ inches.

Making a Kit Bird House Better

Bird house kits are meant to be fun projects, even teaching woodworking skills, bird conservation and giving a good sense of self-accomplishment for the person building it. Yet many times that doesn’t necessary mean they are 100 percent safe proof for the birds. A good birder will take a look at the finished project and see what they can do to improve the safety measures in the birdhouse. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Add drainage holes to the floor of the house, usually near the corners.
  • Add ventilation near the roof by shortening side walls slightly or drilling air holes under the eaves.
  • Remove any perch peg or perching ledge from the front of the house.
  • Leave the house as plain wood or paint or stain it in natural tones to provide camouflage.
  • Alter the design if possible to make the roof or one side hinged for easy cleaning.
  • Adjust the entrance size to be suitable for a specific bird by adding a thin wooden plate with the appropriate hole over the kit's pre-drilled entrance.

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