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Heated Bird Baths


In the winter months, a heated bird bath or the addition of a bird bath heater or bird bath de-icer will ensure that your wild birds have a open, fresh water source. All of our electrically heated bird bath products feature thermostatically controlled elements that turn the heater on only when necessary and keep your bath water ice-free. Economical, safe and easy to use - wild birds will really appreciate this addition to your backyard refuge.

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Allied Precision Bird Bath De-icer (250 Watts)
Incorporates multiple thermostats inside the heating element for efficient,...
Allied Precision "Click Shield" Extension Cord Lock
A fast and inexpensive way to weather-proof any power cord connection from...

Heated Bird Baths & Bird Bath Heater Troubleshooting Tips:

Of the few products returned to the manufacturer, less than one-third are actually found to be defective! The most common issue is that your outlet has tripped the circuit breaker or the outlet is not properly grounded. Don't let your birds be without water unnecessarily! 

You can troubleshoot your product by performing this simple test. Since the bath or heater is thermostatically controlled, it will not turn on unless the temperature of the unit is 4C/40F or below. To test, place the unplugged unit in the freezer for thirty minutes. Remove and plug directly into a 120V grounded outdoor outlet. The unit should get warm/hot or "turn on". It will shut off in approximately sixty seconds. If the unit passes the test, check to see that the extension cord and electrical outlet are functioning properly. If you still have doubts please contact the manufacturer directly for service instructions.